Right (in 1966): Patt Thurow as Ado Annie and Ted Gredvig as Will Parker in Oklahoma!

What’s new?

Dave Miller died April 1 of a brain aneurysm that occurred during his daily walk around Lake Como.  A memorial service will be held May 4 at St. Anthony Park United Church of Christ. Read his obituary here.

Michael Mead of St. Paul passed away February 13 after a long illness. Please send us your stories about Mike for his In Memory page.

Peter Rosenthal passed away Jan 22. Visitation is Sunday, Jan. 28, 1-4:00 pm, at the Roseville Memorial Chapel, 2245 N. Hamline Ave. Read his obituary here. So thankful he joined us for our 50th Reunion. Please send along your remembrances and stories for Pete’s In Memory page.

David Wirtz died peacefully on Dec. 12 after a long illness. Read his obituary here and please send along your memories of him to include on his page.

In Memory

The In Memory page of our website is now expanded to include clickable pages for each individual. We plan to share your memories/stories/anecdotes as well so please send them along.

The Map

Our class has a web-based interactive map showing where we all live, complete with contact info for those who have chosen to share. It’s private, only for our class members. So if you’ve lost the link, or don’t know what we’re talking about, please drop us an email and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Lost classmates

Can you help us find these three remaining ones?

• Thomas Hinsey

• Sam McKinney

  1. Donna Smith

News archives

Note that older class news announcements are now listed on a newly-created News page.

Then and now: The German Round Singers. Above (1965): Kathy Kavanaugh, Diane Bohnenblust, Debbie Watt, Marilyn Cross, Nancy Hunt, Nancy Cross, Pat Leslie, Pam Roan, & Liz Hebbel. Below (2014):  Pam Roan Everett (VA), Kathy Kavanuagh  Schmiesing (VA), Marilyn Cross Shepard (CA), Nancy Hunt Weiman (MD), Nancy Cross Paxson (MN), Pat Leslie Winkle (CA), Debbie Watt (CA), & Liz Hebbel (NH).

Then and now: Bob Rupp, Pam Roan, Liz Hebbel, and Don Paskewitz in 1965 (above) at the prom and in 2011 (lbelow) at the 45th reunion.

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